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He also alleged a scheme to ensure the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Com- mission EACC dragged its feet in investigating the scandal over which he claimed to have re- corded statements. The party called for transparen- cy in the registration of voters say- ing youths in Western and Nyan- za were not being registered due to lack of identity cards. He was speaking at Masikonde Primary School in his constituency, where he opened two classes fund- ed by the Constituency Develop- ment Fund. He urged the Opposition to stop making incessant demands on the Government. The DP later officially opened a technical institution. We said we could fanya marekebisho baada ya ucha- guzi improve on the Constitution af- ter elections and our side won. We therefore have the responsibility to had become clear Jubilee had no over- all plan for the country on the issues CORD had raised. They gave the statement as oth- er CORD leaders separately reacted to the call by Uhuru which was rein- forced by Ruto on Saturday, insisting that it is the duty of the Opposition to keep the Government in check. The statement by the co-principals went on:


The Offi ce of the Prosecutor OTP wants the case against Ru- to and his co-accused radio jour- nalist Joshua Sang adjourned to June to enable them put their house in order. Prosecution Counsel Anton Steynberg made the application before the Trial Chamber V a yesterday to withdraw witness number 25, who was scheduled to testify starting today. Surprisingly, the prosecution lawyer admitted that during the before the Trial Chamber V a yesterday to withdraw witness number 25, who was scheduled to testify starting today.

Surprisingly, the prosecution lawyer admitted that during the Spotlight:

The Bloggers Association of Kenya has today announced the nominees in the BAKE Awards Among the nominees announced include , , , and have also been nominated Whoop whoop so .

The students below have reached this Level in their studies. The object of this assignment is to help the student evaluate the changes and growth he or she is experiencing through the Institute studies and to help the sponsor and the IIGL director see if and how the Institute studies are serving the student. Please write an essay on what you feel you have learned since becoming a student of the Leadership Institute.

You should discuss if and how your ideas and beliefs have changed and how you may be dealing differently with situations in your life as a result of what you have learned. Please offer real-life personal examples. This assessment should be a minimum of one page and a maximum of three pages, single spaced in word format. There are things that we grow up believing in and those thoughts sometimes lead us away from what we believe is right and doing what is right.

We may seem to see that these studies are there just for fun or to while our time is some reading but for me the whole process of the studies brought me to think really about my personal life and things that I would like to achieve while I can be able to do it. From the reading itself it reignited that passionate in me to learn from the inspirational books. There is something that I see lacks just from not reading, even if you go a single day without reading you definitely know there is something that you would have missed out on.

If I can remember when I was back in school I used to read quite a lot of literature and did some research for my studies.

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View Mbugua Njihia’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Mbugua has 19 jobs listed on their : Sales | Mobility | Insurance | .

That Kenya and Uganda needed not sign any agree- ment because such an arrangement already exists within the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African Comesa region. Fun in the wild experience begins on the murram road leading to the lodge, where one gets treated to a mini game drive as you gaze at waterbucks, zebras, elephants and lions hunting in the vast savannah. You also spot several birds such as ostriches, eagles, vul- tures and many other species of birds.

A more thrilling view of these animals and birds is in the late afternoon, at night or early morning. If you like night game drive, then this is your chance to see rare animals such as the jackal, civet, genet, bush baby, spot- ted and stripped hyena and porcupines. Other than the wild, the game lodge architecture of unique designs much like many small castles balancing on stone pillars is as eye-catch- ing as it is intriguing. The exceptional architecture inspired by the indigenous mud hut and makuti roof, was done by architect J A Williams and structural engineers John Burrow and Partners from the UK.

Each hut is linked to the next through wooden walkaways. You can have this spectacular view for as long as you wish throughout the night, thanks to the floodlights that have been installed by the lodge management. Other recreational ac- tivities at the lodge include swimming, nature walks and wildlife talks. Do you know of a place that captures the beauty, warmth and the distilled essence of our country?

Can you write crisply and take captivating pictures? Send your write-up and pictures to newsdesk ke.

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Sun 15 December After competent pacemaking to 12km he injected his own pace just after 15km which world leader Geoffrey Kipsang and Wilson Kiprop could not match. He eased ahead as they returned past India Gate, and stretched his lead to m by the finish just outside Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The race took place later than usual and benefited from cool 12C conditons.

Kipsang was coping with the loss of his year-old brother Elias, who passed away on Friday. He did wonderfully well to overcome his grief and ran a brave race.

The Mind of Mbugua Njihia Head of Business at Sure Corporation – Mobility, Insurance and Advertising | in pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled #WhatIsNext #AfricaRising #IamSure #SafiriExpress. About me.

The Teachers Service Commission TSC has proposed stringent rules that, among other things, bar teachers from running businesses or airing po- litical views. The new rules are part of the revised Code of Conduct and Ethics that was presented to the key players in the ed- ucation sector for scrutiny yesterday. Armed with appointment docu- ments to absolve the CS of any wrong- doing, the MPs said they read mis- Jubilee split as MPs defend Waiguru on disputed changes chief in the manner that the planned impeachment was being handled.

From the letter by Kinyua, it is obvious the President and his deputy were aware of these transfers. This raises very many questions; funda- mentally, who is the complainant here? The Constitution provides for the procedure of removal of a Cabinet Secretary in which a select committee is set up to investigate claims against the CS should the Motion be support- ed by a third of members of the Na- tional Assembly.

Kabando said a petition is sup- By PSCU Parastatals should be as com- petitive and business-oriented as private sector institutions once the reforms are over, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said. The President spoke as he was briefed on reforms to cut down the number of Government- owned entities from to Speaking during the session on the progress made towards imple- mentation of the parastatal re- form programme in his office in Harambee House, President Ke- nyatta said there was no reason why the public should continue to pump funds into institutions that bring in no profits.

He said the aim of reforming parastatals was to ensure that in- centives were aligned to the per- formance of those working in the public organisations. A total of 14 new Government-owned entities have been created through the merger of 38 parastatals. The sector reforms are to in- crease savings from the Govern- ment-owned entities and enhance contribution to national develop- ment through accelerating eco- nomic growth.


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News Fastjet pins hopes on creditors deal News Bill sets the stage for EAC single currency News County blocs law, policy team formed News Blow for Munga in Murang’a water firm row.

Click to View Abstract A prospective study was carried out at Kenyatta National Hospital KNH between June and September to look at some aspects of obstructive jaundice in patients above 12 years of age. Screening for cases was done by use of abdominal ultrasonography. A total of 20 cases 11 females, 9 males were diagnosed. Consequently, various studies regarding the impact of biotic factors on the macrophytes have been advanced but related studies on environmental parameters have lagged behind.

In an attempt to address this gap, sampling on floating species and submergents was carried out in eight sampling sites in to investigate how they were influenced by a set of environmental factors. Combination of soil texture and lake-bed slope explained the most Continuous translocation of the floating dominant water hyacinth to the western parts by wind has led to displacement of the submergents from those areas.

In view of these findings, the maintenance and preservation of the steep Crescent Lake basin whose substratum is dominated by sand thus hosting most submergents remain important, if the whole functional purpose of the macrophytes is to be sustained.

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Their menstrual patterns were noted. The function of their hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian axis was assessed by the serum levels of follicle stimulating hormone FSH , Luteinising hormone LH , prolactin PrL , estradiol E2 and progesterone P at different phases of the menstrual cycle in patients who continued to have normal menses Group 1 and at weekly intervals for six weeks in patients with menstrual disturbances Group II.

Corresponding values for group II were 1. All patients fourteen with end stage renal disease ESRD had amenorrhoae. Following initiation of therapy conservative or dialytic , there was no significant alteration in the hormonal profile or menstrual pattern. We conclude that other factors apart from the hormonal imbalances, may be responsible for the menstrual disturbances noted in patients with CRF.

The Mind of Mbugua Njihia Head of Business at Sure Corporation – Mobility, Insurance and Advertising | in pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled #WhatIsNext #AfricaRising #IamSure #SafiriExpress. Stories For Change: using technology to drive .

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Abstract Objective In global health considerable attention is focused on the search for innovations; however, reports tracking their adoption in routine hospital settings from low-income countries are absent. Design and setting We used data collected on a consistent panel of indicators during four separate cross-sectional, hospital surveys in Kenya to track changes over a period of 11 years — Main outcome measures Basic resource availability, use of diagnostics and uptake of recommended practices.

Use of blood glucose and HIV testing increased but remained inappropriately low throughout. Commonly malaria and uncommonly lumbar puncture performed diagnostic tests frequently failed to inform practice while pulse oximetry, a simple and cheap technology, was rarely available even in However, increasing adherence to prescribing guidance occurred during a period from to in which efforts were made to disseminate guidelines.

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Mobile Web East Africa: John Karanja, Founder, Whive. The language gap Creole, French, Spanish are used in Haiti – Mark action taken so that no duplication of rescue efforts – came us with SMS code Text your location and need a free SMS That anyone on the two large mobile networks could use. Used 10, Haiti Diaspora volunteers using Skype helped with translation and location information – Too much information to manage e. There is a lot of wasted data in a crisis — how to manage that?

Used Swift River Jon Gossier to funnel, weight, and structure information, to get probability of truth called the Haiti tracker – iHub Ushahidi is setting up the Nairobi iHub where they can run situation rooms like for Haiti and also see other developers work on and see innovations develop. They are also setting up addisbits and zanzibits – Unsung peace heroes — worked with Ushahidi and asked Kenyans to nominate local peace heroes through a cross media program – Learning about living a free health information service via a hotline in Nigeria which covers schools, 49, students and teachers – developing Sambaza Peace with Nairobits and which has a new mobile game Get h2o about water scarcity and how that can lead to conflict.

They started with a board game which is already popular , and have to translate it from multi-player to single player to be on a computer. Done by group of validators who verify, call people before its verified and goes into the system have to trust the deployment guys at ushahidi. But using Swift River helps with the probability of truth — so the use algorithm then real life editors.

First 3 days digital and comcell was out, so info was from people who had other connections. Twitter was still working.

Mr. Nick Salat, KANU “ina wenyewe”and they have spoken: Is that egg I see on your face?

Youth welcome plans to create job opportunities. Kenyans to pay more for cars, clothes and oil. Has been exempted from paying import duty on items to facilitate railway operations.

Mbugua Njihia interview video I went to the same school — Thika Road Christian School with a lot of my neighbors and we often took the 30 min walk either to or from together. The actual cost is a fixed amount for a given range of transaction sizes; for example Safaricom charges up to 66 Kshs.

There comes a time when people get tired; tired of being plundered by government in pay perks for politicians; tired of being kicked about by the brutal feet of oppression, tired of being tired. In post President Moi-police-state, for some time Kenyans have shown an amazing patience. In some way we have given the government and political class a feeling that we like the way we are being treated.

But in the final analysis we must all come to accept that there is nothing called government it only exists in our mind but what we have are individuals like you and myself who the public has entrusted with some rights and common resources as custodians. Often, like all of us, these individuals act in excess of their mandate. Human weaknesses such as greed, selfishness or beastly behavior get the best of them resulting in riotous behavior which manifests in acts like giving the nod to government expenditures on hefty pay cheques for members of parliament.

While Kenyans joyful linch petty suspected thugs,conmen, I am amazed at our tolerance at the acts of the Matheris masquerading as honournable MPs. While no one expected it since this was a peaceful demonstration, the police appeared from nowhere at high noon brandishing guns and fired teargas into the crowd. Some of us scampered for safety, the Civil Society leaders Mr.

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The officers arrested the said acquaintances, carried some files to the CID Headquarters and released them after questioning them, without preferring any charges while demanding to know the whereabouts of the applicant. That on 28th November the applicant filed Petition No. Further, that despite the charge of forgery of signatures of persons working in the Ministry of Lands, those persons have not lodged any complaint.

The exparte applicant asserts that he never forged any documents and that neither is there evidence linking him to the alleged forgeries.

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Head of Business at Sure Corporation – Mobility, Insurance and Advertising in pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled WhatIsNext AfricaRising IamSure SafiriExpress About me A child of Africa but a citizen of the world, I have always believed in the nascent creative capital that is to be found in Africa; honored to be part of the process of seeing Africa become a net producer of value.

Striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond — an Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled. It has to be said that building a business in Africa is a challenging task…but I am loving the experience. I also write on matters technology and business for the Nation Media Group, with a weekly column every Thursday in the Business Daily. Other plays Founding member of the Mobile Marketing Association EA whose mandate is to pretty much entrench mobile into the daily mix of things,the founding chairman of Mobile Monday Kenya — a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

I plan to open a foundation that will empower youth by giving opportunities for higher education as well as leadership training.

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