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In fact, according to the Nairobian, the Mombasa County boss took everything that belonged to him, leaving Betty in financial limbo. The former Friday Briefing presenter became a handful for the county boss. She wanted this, that and the other thing. She even demanded to be named Mombasa County First Lady. Joho could not handle the pressure from Betty prompting him to slowly cut ties with her. The guards asked her to pick her personal effects before handing over the car keys.

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The secret life of Monica Kimani Revealed: Following her murder, Joseph Kuria Irungu, alias Joe Jowi, was arrested and held in connection with her murder. She is the one who allegedly drove Irungu to hospital after he was shot by unknown assailants a day after Monica was found dead. But the police have dismissed the shooting claims and arrested Irungu, arguing that it was not normal for a shooting victim to take selfies and post them on social media.

Irungu, who is reportedly a licensed gun holder, often frequent shooting ranges in the city.

The smitten pair – who have been dating since the beginning of the year – looked every inch in love as they graced the red carpet at the glamorous event, held in New York City, on Monday () night.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Chris Mukasa and Qui Qarre for not only believing and encouraging me but also pushing me to open up to the world and embrace this art. They told me in college or campus women seized being your food for thought and started being your soul food; that enticed me more. So in a month time I was to join college but in the mean time I rented a house and decided to hustle and get a part time job… after all, a man is his wallet. I knew if I get the money the honeys will definitely follow.

I was a skinny dude about 50kgs or slightly above; a sack of sugar and I were playing in the same league of heavy weights and throughout my high school years I had been used as an example of the bone structure in biology class and also as an example of what hunger strike and malnutrition does to you. When it comes to my looks everyone confused me with Willy Paul… his broke version though but deep inside I knew I was rich in love.

Of most importance is health. I had worked out a deal with the landlord and he had appointed me MD Managing Director of our flats alongside other numerous side hustles that I had picked up along the way like gambling. Gambling was the new wave, the youth had discovered their talents in betting and most had proved to be masters in betting earning the name masturbator… pun intended.

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Then she met Senator Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen, the fire-spitting lawyer turned politician representing the marginalised Egeyo Marakwet. And he fell hopelessly in love, according to documents and photos romantically linking the married Murkomen and Lesuuda, the daughter of the ACK Bishop of Maralal. So smitten is Murkomen with the 33 year old former TV girl that he confesses his feelings for her in an email in our possession, gushing: I love you just like that.

According to our sources, Lesuuda has been living the high life since she got involved with Murkomen. It seems they travel together a lot as The Nairobian also got hold of two of their boarding passes to Amsterdam dating back to November 18, They boarded the plane at the same time, gate and sat next to each other.

With coffee prices at the auction only a fraction of the market prices – which hurts farmers – the Government has recommended the formation of a coffee pricing committee. However, the proposal is being fought by what the Government has termed forces that have long benefited from the over-regulated market. The firms collectively bought around 70 per cent of the beans, worth Sh16 billion, sold through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange for the financial year ended September Analysis of past trading data confirms the dominance was worse in earlier years, dating back to colonial times.

Fears are rife that too much regulation in the sector has erected unnecessary barriers to entry to create a perfect environment for price manipulation. Your opinion is valuable. Take this quick survey to help us improve the website and content Consequently, coffee farmers are getting the shortest end of the stick as their produce reaches the consumer at multiple the price paid at the coffee auction in Nairobi.

Industry statistics paint a picture of how the global companies have enjoyed a near free hand along the supply chain – despite not owning a single coffee bush. Combined, the six firms are among the biggest dealers in cereals and other dry foodstuff globally, with annual turnovers in excess of Sh5 trillion, roughly the size of the Kenyan economy. As it stands, the scramble for Kenyan agricultural produce, including coffee by Europeans, is still alive and that independence means little for the ordinary farmer.

He becomes the senior-most Government official to weigh in on a matter that directly affects an estimated , coffee farmers, mostly smallholders, around the country.

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However, this is not always the case. When they are on their periods, only their men Kenyan men can handle their changing moods. For this, Kenyan men have gotten adjusted to Kenyan women quacks and twists.

However, his latest adventure to uncover Hitler’s last bunker was more difficult. From the looks of this photo, this bunker was located off the radar pretty well deep in the forest.

The military’s Africa Command said the strike took place 50km west of the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday. It said a vehicle with improvised explosive devices was also destroyed in the early morning attack. This is the latest such airstrike in a series that have killed up to 20 militants in less than a month. The command said, in a statement, that no civilian was killed in the attack. Last month, Washington warned of a threat to its diplomatic staff in Mogadishu and directed all non-essential staff to leave the city.

The statement said US forces would continue to use all authorised and appropriate measures to protect the United States, its partners and interests, and deny safe haven to terrorists. On Christmas Eve, the US military launched a strike at Baal Rahao where about militants were training and killed 13 of them. The US carried out about 30 airstrikes against Al Shabaab in , including a drone targeting the militant’s training camp last month, which killed Al Shabaab was blamed for the massive truck bombing in Mogadishu last October which killed people.

The Trump administration early this year approved expanded military operations in the Horn of Africa nation. The latest US statement says they assessed the strike and no civilians were killed.

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The Nigerian man joke. Kenyan women shopping They say peculiar habits are hard to drop and the saying seems to go too hard and deep with Kenyans, particularly Nairobians. Women have a funny way of making appreciation as a society need for them yet always have to talk their men down in almost every aspect.

Just don’t devote yourself to every man you are dating 2. You Let Yourself Go Be a trendy Nairobian and make those heads turn with jealously. Posted by June Mueni at Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Hair and style.

Before you bite that chips or mandazi, look and think twice before you leap. You may scold a doctor for his usual brief health tips and Alphonce for this rare counsel, but you cannot make a health living without. A visit to Nairobi could be mistaken of thinking Nairobian as a fast food section in Kenya. KEBS assures of standardized quality products to Kenyan consumers but it has never told us anything about chips and chicken as a consumption product in the busy swallowing Nairobians.

The delicacies, as we call them, are beckoning our early interment too little fast. Please read with me. Not once, not twice I have gone without electricity for two or more days because oil has been stolen from the transformer. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I sought to find out the real use for the dreaded yet coveted transformer oil.

To start with, transformer oil has four main uses: Looking at these uses, there is nothing to fret about but on double-clicking the latter; two things come into big picture: From just the look, this had me scratching my head. And my findings are more than a textbook can offer, divulging the looming lethal hazard.

Technically speaking, transformer oil is a mineral oil used to cool and insulate the fins of an electric transformer.

EXPOSED: LEAKED SEXY WHATSAPP Messages Hon Murkomen Sent to Senator Naisula Lesuuda

Find your love Best Nairobi Dating Site Internet dating has changed the way people meet and made it easier for people looking for love to find their other half. In our site you will find many kenyan singles in nairobi for dating, relationships and even marriages. Meet people within the city, chat with local singles online, exchange contacts and take them on a date.

Cost Clarify the costs involved in radiocarbon dating of samples. However, as with any dating technique there are limits to the kinds of things that can be satisfactorily dated, levels of precision and accuracy, age range constraints, and different levels of susceptibility to contamination.

Twitter Corazon kwamboka is a Kenyan socialite, display, an entrepreneur and a legal advisor. She rose to acclaim after her semi-bare photographs started doing rounds in the web flaunting her bends. She claims to be one of the most beautiful women in Kenya. She came to the lime light after she began parading her curvaceous body and huge derriere on social media. The social media did her justice feasting on Corazon Kwamboka pictures like fodder.

Lwak Girls High school college: She later joined Kenya School of Law. Osmond Sambu Okero told The Nairobian that his family allegedly abandoned him in Siaya town where the year-old was trying to come to terms with his miserable life after exhausting his savings and resources to pay school fees and other bills.

Kenyans EXPLODE after Murkomen-Lesuda love affair is exposed

Throw in some annoyingly cliched emoji, and a man is supposed to decode what that means and should invite her to his house, or if he one of these new-age metrosexual sissies, go to her place to be served noodles and minced meat and be expected to outperform an electric sexual toy. Nairobian women spent so much time accusing us that we are not romantic but they are real frauds when you think about it.

Nairobi women are hardened, militant, dishonest, materialistic, and that concoction of traits can hardly make anyone romantic. To find a woman who is lovely, lovable and sexy, you should head to Tanzania, to Kampala, or to down Coast. Take shisha smoking for instance.

Bobi Piuz Evanzo is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Bobi Piuz Evanzo and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and.

Sat, 13 Oct Click here to view original web page at www. Courtesy] Death will one day come calling. What about all the photos you pose for on Instagram? What of company secrets stored in your e-mail account and for which only you has the password? We can go on to include the money you have stashed on M-Pesa and which also has a password under lock and key including the over seven million sports bettors whose soccer bets and winnings are also in their names and with passwords.

What could happen if, God forbid, the Mega jackpot winner of Sh million dies on Saturday only to be announced the winner on Monday? Our lives, courtesy of technology, is now largely lived on social media where many Kenyans have online families in forms of WhatsApp groups, Facebook associations and even our dairies, blogs, appointments and medical records are online.

Her Facebook page is still active and has not been pulled down.

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Nairobi Senator Sonko denies allegations of dating Shebesh Nairobi senator Sonko has refuted allegations of romance and love with Rachael two have raised eyebrows with .

Then she met Senator Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen, the fire-spitting lawyer turned politician representing the marginalised Egeyo Marakwet. And he fell hopelessly in love, according to documents and photos romantically linking the married Murkomen and Lesuuda, the daughter of the ACK Bishop of Maralal. So smitten is Murkomen with the 33 year old former TV girl that he confesses his feelings for her in an email in our possession, gushing: I love you just like that.

Lesuuda, the pretty party girl who in her days as a KBC broadcaster would sip her Smirnoff Ice and dance on the table, sends Murkomen crazy, especially when she giggles. One of the undated photos in our possession captures the two senators on the live chat application, Facetime. Murkomen is bare chest while Lesuuda only shows her face.

Both of them are in bed. According to our investigations, at the time the two senators were exchanging these lovey-dovey chats, Lesuuda was living with her longtime boyfriend, a little known IT expert.