Where does the vacuum hose off the back of the transmission hook up to?

Repair Transmission Oil Pump Before any transmission noise or vibration troubleshooting is done, the engine and drivetrain must be ruled out. Transmission oil pumps provide fluid pressure for the transmission and torque converter. The valve body regulates, controls, and directs the flow of pressurized transmission fluid. Gear and rotor-type are considered fixed displacement pumps. Most pumps today are variable displacement. This means they vary or change fluid pressure according to demands.

Common Problems for The Ford 5R55E Transmission: Do You Know What They Are?

HOW-TO bypass the auto transmission controls in electronic auto transmission-compatible PCMs I have gotten a couple of questions on how I was able to bypass the auto trans controls on a stock PCM in order to prevent early rev limiters and other drivability issues it had when I was not using an electronic automatic transmission. I have since used the methods explained below in other applications using manual transmissions. First, let me explain why you will have a problem with a stock PCM when there is no electronic automatic transmission hooked to it.

The GM PCM looks at a couple of sensor feeds as well as looks to see if there are shift solenoids hooked up to it.

You could hook up a pump, generator, what-ever. Below, I have included the description and some information on your Allison Trans. CLICK HERE for Allison Trans Info. Ask Your Own GM Question.

First you have Allision. This type is like the one in your personal vehicle. It does have a torque convertor. You apply the brakes and hold them down when you shift into or out of drive, neutral, and reverse. It is a simple push button system. No hard work there.

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If you stick with 87′ and newer the tranny will have a 30 spline input shaft and a 27 spline output shaft. This allowed me to re-use my drive shaft yoke from the Turbo The bolts going into the R4 are M10x1. Metric torque converter bolts are also required to bolt the converter to the flexplate, GM PN The R4 uses a lockup converter.

If reverse is slow to engage, and line pressure does not come up to at least psi in reverse, replace the boost valve with a Transgo ” boost valve Easy fix by removing the pan. Beware of coolant contamination – coolant will cause clutch packs to delaminate and thus cost you a rebuild!

The ideal temperature for a transmission rests under degrees, and every 20 degree increase in fluid temperature can cut the lifespan of your transmission by up to half! So what factors contribute to an overheating transmission? An overworked radiator is common when either the engine or transmission has trouble cooling down. If your transmission overheats often, you should consider adding a dedicated external automatic transmission cooler, or transmission oil cooler to some, to help your transmission work more efficiently.

How Does a Transmission Cooler Work? A transmission cooler is a square shaped and thin component that is typically added to the front of the radiator or the air conditioning condenser. These bad boys have one function: Coolers also help to cool the engine and power steering fluid. It does not affect any other component of your car as its only role is to cool the transmission fluid. Coolers are not specifically designed for any make or model. An external cooler is recommended if you tow heavy loads, do a lot of stop and go driving, live in a hot climate, or have a vehicle that overheats often.

This question is pretty easy. The larger the cooler, the better it will be at lowering fluid temperature. Types of Transmission Coolers Designs will differ between manufacturers, but there are three main types.

Transmission Cooler

Shop the extensive inventory of car and truck parts including manual transmissions and parts! The sound of crunching metal as you shift gears on your heavy-duty truck means that heavy load is going nowhere fast. You need some replacement parts for your Ford 5-speed transmission or maybe even a complete unit. If you enjoy racing, there are super heavy-duty Ford 5-speed transmissions for 5. They feature improved bearings and synchronizers, as well as carbon fiber blocker rings.

If you have an F , F , or F gasoline or diesel truck dating from , you may need a Ford ZF 5-speed transmission.

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It had a torque capacity of lb-ft and trailer towing capacity of up to 19, pounds GCWR, the highest ratings for a one-ton truck at the time. The 47RH included a lockup torque converter, hydraulically operated three-speed planetary transmission , and an electronically-controlled overdrive unit which could be locked out with a button. The 47RH transmission was essentially created by upgrading the 46RH transmission and the overdrive unit: The input shaft enlarged 0.

Overdrive unit revisions included the following: The V and diesel versions of the transmission had different shift schedules to match their torque curves.

It hooks up to the transfer case. It hooks up to the transfer case. What Year is your Civic? If its a Its easy to locate the Cable. If its a It Has a VSS. I Suggest you bring it to a.

The C4 is a simple three-speed automatic transmission you can rebuild in your home garage with common hand tools. Before you even get started, it’s important to understand the basics that make C4s different from one another. In the very beginning , the C4 was a dual-range automatic transmission. It functioned in two ranges, depending on where you positioned the shifter.

The shifter had a large dot and a small dot. If you put the shifter on the large dot, the Dual-Range C4 would do a normal upshift. Placing the shifter on the small dot kept the transmission in second gear, for slow, slippery road driving. Ford quickly figured out the Dual-Range was twice the headache for motorists and transmission shops alike. People would place the shifter on the small dot and never get out of second gear, taxing both engine and transmission.

Placing the shifter in “D” delivered a normal upshift. Moving it to 1 or 2 got you a lower gear range for slower driving or towing. In , Ford made significant improvements to the C4, including a larger input shaft, better shift programming, and a host of other changes that refined it for better driveability.


It is sometimes also referred to as the 4L The R4 was one of General Motors first over drive automatic transmission and was used in everything from Corvettes to pickup trucks. The first R4 had their share of issues. Here is a list of things to look for when considering buying a car with this transmission.

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The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is Late-model automatic and manual overdrive transmissions are quickly becoming the sweethearts of the street set. Not that long ago, a fast street car meant compromises, including deep gears, high-rpm highway cruising, and poor mileage.

But the high-tech ’80s and ’90s have brought us more than just electronic fuel injection. They also delivered durable automatic overdrive transmissions. While the TH R4 has garnered most of the attention as the performance automatic overdrive of choice, companies such as TCI and Art Carr consider the TH R every bit the ‘s equal in terms of torque capacity and durability.

The Dodge 47RH and 47RE heavy-duty automatic transmissions

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Throttle Valve Cable Bracket This project was an outgrowth of my original Cruise Control Throttle Bracket. It was required when I decided to swap in a THR4 transmission in place of the TH transmission in my GMC Suburban to gain the benefits of a modern overdrive transmission.

Use Correct Flexplate Size Most common flexplate sizes for C4 transmissions are tooth left and tooth right. Each calls for its own bellhousing size. This block plate fits and tooth applications. Use Transmission Fluid Service the torque converter with 1 or 2 quarts of transmission fluid prior to converter installation. This primes the pump and gets prompt lubrication to transmission internals on start-up.

Lubricate Pump Drive Converter pump drive should be lubricated with transmission lube prior to installation to prevent seal damage. Also check driveshaft, universal joints, and slip yoke condition.

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